Marekenstrategie: ausgewählte cases und arbeitsbeispiele

brand strategy

how to find the right path

We help develop the strategic platform and positioning to differentiate brands from competition and make them more visible. 

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture & Portfolio Structure
  • Employer Branding


Purpose & corporate culture 

how to leverage purpose & culture to drive business strategy

"Why do I come to work every day? What is the higher purpose of my work? How can purpose help drive business strategy?" Purpose & culture can be the answer to these questions.

"Purpose is the engine for  long-term profitability." 
(Larry Finck, CEO  BlackRock)

corporate design & Naming

how to give strategy a face 

We develop and modernize the visual identity of companies and products as well as find new brand names and slogans. 

brand communication

how to create visibility at all touchpoints 

We develop campaigns and make brands visible at key on-/ offline touch-points: websites, image & product brochures, exhibitions, events, company presentations, videos, etc